Industrial Farmhouse Pendant

We ponder. We innovate. We design. We amaze. We are an independent, creative lighting and furniture design studio that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design. Using salvaged, repurposed, and upcycled materials, our team patiently researches possible designs, deeply considers every situation, pursues a creative solution, and expertly makes it real. Every detail is unique. Every item is its own. Every piece deserves to be considered for its independence. Lighting, clocks, wine racks, furniture, concrete countertops -- we offer many options. Your need may require one or many. We take the time to consider how our products impact their surroundings, from its origin, to its transformation, to its future place in your home.
Anthony M. Acosta began Distressed Design in 2013. Mr. Acosta attended the University of Miami where he obinaed a Bachelors of Architecture and a Masters of Engineering. As the owner and head designer, he is involved in every stage of each order. No product leaves the shop without his inspection and approval.
We here at Distressed Design will always work with our clients to not only produce a functional design, but a work of art you can proudly display.