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Welcome to Pipe Works Co. 

Pipe Works Co. is a new division of the Distressed Design family. When we started Distressed Design in 2013, it including all elements of design. Over the past few years, D2 has grown more in the lighting arena more than any other, to the point that Distressed Design is predominantly known as "that lighting company." While this is great, some of our other products have gone by the wayside. As a result, we felt the need to branch out this division allowing it to grow and develop new ideas and designs. While Anthony Acosta, owner and lead designer for Distressed Design, will continue to oversee the Pipe Works Co. division to insure quality and customer satisfaction, he will step back and allow others to take the lead with this new venture. 

When D2 started, we envisioned creating everything, lighting, furniture, home decor. If we could design it, we would find a way to build it. There was a clean slate. Then, when our lighting products took off, the majority of the focus shifted. It was not a bad thing, we just narrowed our field of view, and now its time to re-broaden our horizons. So now we have two slates. If we continue to grow in new and different directions, we may have to get working on a few more. Stay tuned for great things to come.